About me

Glad to meet you, I’m Justine. 👋

Yes, that’s a French name… no, I don’t have French roots.

Spotted in Málaga

When I was born, my grandma predicted that I’d be tall and that I’d travel the world. She was mildly right just about one of those things.

I’m a Mexican living in the tiny country of Liechtenstein. I speak Spanish (my beloved mother tongue), English, and I’ve been learning German for a while now but somehow, I still feel like I can only say Hallo, ich heiße Justine and ein Bier, bitte.

During the day and sometimes at night I lead Marketing and Partnerships at We Work Remotely. During the night and sometimes during the day I’m a couch potato that watches TV, listens to pop culture podcasts, and reads book after book after book. I sometimes do everything at the same time because #RemoteWork.

I believe in living a slow, cozy, happy life. I’m basically a cat.

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Thanks for stopping by. ¡Adiós!